Gerald David OBE Innovation in Business Radio Award 2010



Kenwood Electronics UK Ltd wins the FCS Gerald David OBE Innovation in Business Radio Award 2010

FCS is pleased to announce Kenwood Electronics UK Ltd as winner of the 2010 Gerald David OBE Innovation in Business Radio Award.

Jens Toobe, System Sales Manager for Kenwood Europe HQ (Communications), was presented with the FCS innovation in business radio award by Adrian Charlton, MD of award sponsor A.W.Communication Systems Ltd.

Jens commented “Kenwood winning the 2010 FCS Gerald David OBE Innovation in Business Radio Award for its digital radio system NEXEDGE means a lot to the team and to me in particular. It recognises Kenwood for its high quality products, spirit and innovations that are driving the PMR industry forward, setting new trends and leading the way.

“Kenwood’s digital radio system NEXEDGE has seen many successes around the world, but winning this prestigious UK industry award underlines the importance of Kenwood as a supplier of robust and successful analogue and new, ground braking digital PMR radio solutions, to the professional radio industry.

“Last but not least, I would like to express my sincere thanks to FCS for their contribution to the PMR industry and the judging panel for their decision to select Kenwood Electronics UK as the winner of this year’s FCS Award for Innovation in Business Radio”.

Paul Smye-Rumsby, chairman of the award judging panel, said that “The quality of submissions and content for the 2010 award significantly outstripped those of 2009. The judging panel were very hard tasked scoring the key competition targets. The final result found Kenwood Electronics the overall winner, with Private Mobile Networks Ltd a worthy runner up. We look forward to next year's entrants with great expectations."





Sponsored by A.W.Communication Systems Ltd the Gerald David OBE Innovation in Business Radio Award Stands as an acknowledgement of a businesses commitment to quality of product, workmanship or service in the Business Radio Sector.



Gerald David OBE is fondly remembered within the industry as a man who encouraged and supported companies, both large and small, in the development of the Business Radio community.


Previous winners of this award are:

  • 2004 - Key Radio Systems Ltd & Addison Lee Plc
  • 2005 - Team Simoco
  • 2006 - A.W.Communication Systems Ltd
  • 2007 - Team Simoco
  • 2008 - A.W.Communication Systems Ltd
  • 2009 - MiMOMax Wireless Ltd


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