Industry Codes of Practice

Business Radio Codes of Practice, standards and information sheets

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Codes of Practice

MPT 1306 - Continuous tone controlled signalling system (CTCSS) for use in the Land Mobile Services
MPT 1315 - Requirements for duplex operation in the Land Mobile Services
MPT 1316 - Code of Practice for Selective Signalling for use in the Private Mobile Radio Services
MPT 1317 - Code of Practice for transmission of digital information over Land Mobile Radio Systems
MPT 1318 (large) - Engineering Memorandum on trunked systems in the Land Mobile Radio Service

NEW FCS 1331 - Code of Practice for Site Engineering 2013
MPT 1351 - Code of Practice for Repeater Operation at Communal sites 
FCS 1362 - Code of Practice for installation of mobile radio equipment in land based vehicles -previously known as MPT 1362 Updated 2010

MPT 1381 - Digitally Coded Squelch Signalling (DCSS) system for use in the Land Mobile Services


FCS Short Term Hire Code of Practice


NEW Light Licence Code of Practice - for suppliers and licensees with Ofcom light and simple business radio licences


Other codes of practice and specifications for the business radio community are held on the archive Ofcom website including:


MPT 1351 Code of practice for repeater operation at communal sites


 Trunking standards are maintained by Fylde Microsystems


Standards define the rules for communication between radio units and trunking system controllers operating in trunked private land mobile radio systems- the following standards can be downloaded from the Fylde Microsystems site

MPT 1327- Signalling standard for land mobile radio - 880Kb or the Ofcom archive
MPT 1343 - System interface specification for radio units - 588Kb
MPT 1347 - Radio interface specification - 194Kb
MPT 1352 - Test schedule for radios on commercial trunking- 771Kb
MPT 1318 - Engineering memorandum for trunking systems - 1.4Mb
MPT 1331 - Code of practice for trunking systems - 880Kb
MAP 27 - Mobile access protocol for Trunking systems - 473Kb


Information sheets

FCS-BR53 - Remote control of base stations by landlines
FCS-BR55 - Signalling systems
FCS-BR56 - Telephone interconnect on PBR channels
FCS-BR59 - Talkthrough facilities - use by wide-area and on-site PBR licensees
FCS-BR70 - Reverse frequency working for PBR
FCS-BR72 - Alarms on PBR
FCS-BR73 - PBR wide-area distress alarm licence
FCS-BR74 - Trunked systems for PBR
FCS-BR75 - PBR licence requirements for Watchschemes (Shopwatch etc.)
FCS-BR76 - Local authority PBR - use by independent contractors
FCS-BR77 - Business Radio communications for Tower Cranes
FCS-BR116 - Short range business paging
FCS-BR119 - Public access mobile radio (including TETRA)
FCS-BR130 - On-frequency repeater stations for use by PBR

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For a full list of MPT codes of practice please visit the Ofcom website


Technical standards are devloped and published by ETSI- for a list of technical standards relevant to business radio please click here

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