Spectrum Strategy Group (SSG)

Industry business growth is very often predicated on air traffic capacity for the radio communications necessary to support the operations of the business or the customers' communications.  Thus radio spectrum has become a vital resource for the achievement of business goals and of service obligations.


The UK can no longer operate in isolation.  Radio spectrum alignment with the greatest possible number of other countries is essential.  The advantages of scale not only affect price of radio equipment but influence the entire value chain.  This is therefore a matter of interest to industry that the international radio spectrum debate includes their requirements. 


The Spectrum Strategy Group (SSG) exists to unify FCS policy on radio spectrum matters

SSG Objectives 
- To establish FCS spectrum positions for the proposed new Communications Act 
- To establish FCS spectrum positions on other national policy matters 
- To contribute to the UK Government and Ofcom positions on spectrum matters in EU and CEPT forums 
- To assist Government and Ofcom policy on radio spectrum and spectrum management matters 
- To provide information to the Government and Ofcom on critical matters relating to the development of policy 
- To better facilitate Government and Ofcom access to a key stakeholder group. 
- To provide a forum for the exchange of non-competitive information


The Spectrum Strategy Group meets four times a year and is open for all FCS members to attend.  In between the meetings there is a lively email exchange on topics.  Get connected!


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