Business Radio Group Pages

Who's Who

The Business Radio Group is led by Roy Pierce of Procom, the Group chairman, and the Business Radio Council that considers the major issues for the sector.

The following members form the Council:

  • Roy Pierce - Procom - chairman
  • John Grant- Digital Angel- deputy chairman
  • David Hosie- Audiolink
  • Tim Cull- FCS & Telecoms Policy Services
  • Simon Parsons- Joint Radio Company
  • Jens Toobe - Kenwood Electronics UK
  • Tom Mockridge - Motorola Ltd
  • Paul Smye-Rumsby- Smye-Rumsby
  • Phil Manley- Tait Europe
  • Rob Beauchamp - Target Consultancy Ltd
  • Paul Lawrence- Team Simoco
  • Karen Langley - Premier Communication Electronics
  • Sam Hunt - Maxxwave
  • Mark Blythe - Radiocomms