Mark of Excellence

What is the Mark of Excellence?

The Mark of Excellence program is created and championed by FCS itself: the result of our desire to lead the way in independently setting UK Quality Standards in Telecommunications. The Mark is awarded to service providers that meet what we consider to be best practice and outstanding propositions to end clients in each business critical category. Both channel provider and end client will have the peace of mind that the service they are taking (or selling) will have been independently audited to meet the exacting standards required to be awarded a Mark of Excellence.

The Mark of Excellence: SIP Fraud Mitigation

We launched the SIP Fraud Mitigation Mark of Excellence in March 2015 at Convergence Summit North 2015. It is a benchmark of three levels, gold, silver and bronze. The standard revolves around the principle of real time monitoring of call traffic and the ability to control at the carrier level the volume of call traffic permissible to destinations at a highly granular level. When predefined limits are breached call traffic may be halted at the carrier level, giving end clients and channel partners the reassurance that they know the maximum volume of calls allowed in any given day. The protection adds a new layer of security as it sits outside of the end user’s PBX network, so even if they are the victim of a hack, they have a new layer of protection to prevent toll fraud before it becomes material in cost. 


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A full copy of the Fraud Mitigation Standards Specification can be seen here.