FCS Member Groups

FCS Industry Forum

The FCS Industry Forum is the membership group that looks at the strategic and competition issues for the telephony, broadband and numbering companies delivering communications services. It reports to the FCS board on policy issues affecting this sector of the FCS membership 

The Forum is co-chaired by Dave Dadds of DRD Communications and Itret Latif of SSE.

The Forum membership comprises all relevant FCS member companies.  It takes a deliberately high-level view of industry developments, drawing on the detailed work undertaken by the various FCS committees and standing relationships with Openreach, the Equivalence of Access Board, PhonepayPlus and the Office of the Telecommunications Adjudicator

The Industry Forum typically reviews issues like:

 - UK implementation of the European Framework Directive by Government and Ofcom

-  Data protection legislation

-  New or developing guidance on the General Conditions 

 - Competition issues within the Communication Act 

 - Industry self regulation 

 - Customer switching processes 

 - 4G mobile and wholesale access 

 - Open internet 

 - High speed Broadband access


To find out how you can join the FCS Industry Forum contact fcs@fcs.org.uk