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Gerald David OBE Award for Innovation in Business Radio


Download your invitation to participate in the 2017 award here.


The 2016 Gerald David OBE Award for Innovation in Business Radio was presented to...

Panorama Antennas Ltd!

“We were delighted to be recognised for our development team’s hard work in masterfully translating the technical vision of the GPSD. Winning this award from the Federation of Communication Services validates that what we understand our customers’ requirements and continually strive to push the boundaries of radio communications.” 2016 award winners, Panorama Antennas Ltd

The Gerald David OBE Award for Innovation in Business Radio products and services is presented at the annual FCS Business Radio Gala Dinner and is the only award of its kind in the United Kingdom.



The purpose of the Gerald David OBE Award for Innovation in Business Radio is to:

  • Encourage a greater focus on innovation
  • Reward work on innovative solutions
  • Strengthen the environment for the industry to grow and thrive into the future


The Gerald David OBE Innovation in Business Radio Award is open to FCS members who deliver Business Radio goods and/or services either directly or through others.

The Judges recognise that Business Radio now encompasses a very wide range of products and services relating to professional use. These include everything from traditional voice services through complex data applications to machine-to-machine applications including those under the general title of The Internet of Things.

Entry Fee and Timescale

It is free to participate in the Gerald David OBE Award for Innovation in Business Radio

DEADLINE EXTENDED: Closing date for all entries is Wednesday 25th October 2017

Download your invitation to participate in the 2017 award here.


Background Information

The United Kingdom relies heavily on Business Radio services to deliver essential services of general interest to everyone, including the correct functioning of Critical National Infrastructure. It is safe to say that without Business Radio, the UK would have difficulty putting food in the shops, keeping warm or staying safe. In short, BR has a significant input into many vital services and plays a major role in keeping our society going.

Business Radio is often wrongly characterised as old-fashioned and unchanging. Nothing could be further from the truth. BR is actually ahead of the curve in many ways. The Internet of Things which, in business radio terms is widely deployed as telemetry has been in place and operating successfully for decades. White Space Shared Spectrum, is only a form of what is for us every-day shared spectrum management and very high grade radio communications that other services are still struggling (and mostly failing) to achieve, is simply “what we do”. But our industry is not complacent. New and exciting innovations are constantly being introduced. The integration of the IP world into Business Radio offers the potential for all manner of new and exciting solutions for our customers.

The industry is moving along a path that will revolutionise the whole sector. Even for those who have no plans to change from their existing operations, the impact overall in terms of additional facilities will be beneficial. The level of innovation within the industry is extremely high. This is fortunate as without that innovation to solve difficult technical problems, the industry could become a victim of its own success. As the business grows and develops, so the problems we encounter and will encounter in the future will grow too.

It was for that reason that Gerald David OBE instigated the Award. He correctly foresaw that very high levels of innovation would be essential to keep the industry surging forward. The FCS is proud to maintain his legacy and keep this very important award growing from strength to strength.

If you have any queries about the award or how to complete your entry, please contact Tim Cull or call the FCS Team on: 020 7186 5432.


The 2015 Gerald David OBE Award for Innovation in Business Radio was presented to...

Joint winners: SMC & Maxxwave


Past Winners

  • 2016: Panorama Antennas Ltd
  • 2015 Joint Winners: SMC & Maxxwave
  • 2014: Panorama Antennas Ltd
  • 2013: Motorola Solutions
  • 2012: Sepura Plc
  • 2011: AW Communication Systems Ltd
  • 2010: Kenwood Electronics UK Ltd
  • 2009: MiMoMax
  • 2008: AWCSL
  • 2007: Team Simoco
  • 2006: AW Communication Systems
  • 2005: Team Simoco
  • 2004 Inaugural Winner: Key Radio