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Posted on 26/11/2015

The FCS is delighted to announce that South Midland Communications with their gateway with the graphical configuration system AND Maxxwave Ltd. with their novel PAMR solution operating in the lowest spectrum bands were declared to be Joint Winners of the 2015 Gerald David Award for Innovation in Business Radio.  The announcement of the winners and the award ceremony was conducted at the Annual Business Radio Gala Dinner, this year at Chateau Impney.

The judges were convinced that the gateway with the graphical configuration system was not only an impressive innovation in its own right, but also had the potential to significantly improve the value derived by customers because the resulting solutions could be accurately tailored to the specific need.  In operational terms this kind of flexibility could result in benefits through cost savings in many aspects of the overall operations.

The judges were attracted to the PAMR solution using low frequency radio spectrum bands because this is a notoriously difficult technical problem that has left these bands under-utilized for many years.  Having a suite of equipments that now makes the provision of viable solutions at very low cost is a very significant advance.  That this innovation extends to the entire range of problems from voice quality to atmospheric disturbances was considered particularly impressive.

Both solutions have already made significant impact in their respective markets, and the FCS is confident that both products will continue to perform strongly.

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