Mobile's truly in the spotlight - thanks for supporting Make The Air Fair!

Posted on 03/02/2017

Thanks very much for your support in our campaign to rattle a few comfortable cages as Ofcom prepares to auction off more spectrum for mobile telephony.

Ofcom’s spectrum auction consultation is now closed. And our our Make The Air Fair campaign, which lobbied for no one network to be able to control more than 30% of the airwaves, yielded 178,938 responses calling for a 30% cap. As well as 93,804 MP letters.  

That is a really great result.  In fact, it’s half as big again as the response to last year’s Openreach campaign!  Thanks, especially, to those FCS Members who used the campaign materials and encouraged your staff and customers to sign up.

The campaign’s not over, by the way:  we’re moving to a second phase to keep up the pressure on Ofcom during the next 6-8 weeks while they consider the consultations responses.  The website will remain live, and will shortly switch to focusing on sending letters to MPs, calling on them to put pressure on Ofcom.

FCS has always taken the view that the mobile market is far too heavily distorted in favour of the MNOs. 

We’ve happily supported a 30% cap, as a way of stopping things getting worse.  But our long term goal remains to open mobile voice & data to the same kind of equivalence-of-access model CPs enjoy in the fixed-line realm.  So we’re continuing to push the envelope by suggesting the MVNA aggregator platforms (companies like X-Mobility and Transatel) should enjoy both reserved spectrum and universal roaming over the MNOs’ networks under the provisions of the auction.  You can find the full FCS submission here.

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