Openreach Consultation - Upgrading the UK to FTTP

Posted on 22/03/2019

Openreach has published its second consultation on the way that the UKs digital infrastructure should be upgraded to FTTP - An exchange-based approach to upgrading the UK's digital infrastructure with GEA-FTTP.

The proposal is that work should be carried out on an exchange by exchange basis, working with CPs to migrate all end customers onto FTTP once the network is built. For the small percentage of customers that cannot be moved to FTTP, the alternatives will be SOGEA or SOGfast.

It is proposed that all Ultrafast enabled exchanges will  have three basic types of service available:

  1. A low bandwidth voice only data service.
  2. An anchor broadband service (offering 40/10 Mbps).
  3. Ultrafast broadband services above the anchor offering.


This is a programme that will run in parallel with the WLR3 withdrawal programme, aiming for 10m premises by the mid-2020s, though where WLR will transition customers to SOGEA as we move to 2025, the aim of this consultation is to get the vast majority of customers straight onto FTTP. Openreach acknowledges that some customers might suffer from double migrations.

The cost of new products is not mentioned specifically, though there is a reference to Ofcom stating that a “small premium” on the anchor service would be acceptable.

Please let me have your thoughts and comments on the consultation in time for the response date of 3 May. I will put this on the agenda for the 16 April CSP meeting so that we can discuss any concerns.

Cathy Gerosa

[email protected]

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