Critical National Infrastructure

FCS Critical National Infrastructure Group provides a peer-to-peer discussion group for the individuals responsible for mission-critical communications within Britain’s utilities, ports, transport and emergency services to discuss matters of common concern.

Without the crucial enabling ability of resilient, one-to-many radio communications, most public services simply could not operate. Everything from handling baggage on an airport apron to switching remote sub-stations on the national grid; from responding to 999 calls to unloading container ships relies upon radio-frequency equipment.

Which, in turn, relies upon the availability of appropriate radio spectrum.

Which, in turn, relies upon government and the regulator ensuring that spectrum is available.

Which, in turn, relies upon government understanding the true value of radio frequency spectrum is a little more complicated than simply working out how much somebody might be willing to pay for it at auction.

Informing that decision tree, and providing the evidence for that vital campaigning stance, is the role of the FCS CNI Group.

Between them, FCS CNI stakeholders represent the vital specialist interests of power and water utilities, bus and rail networks, ports and construction sites, emergency services and special events like the Commonwealth Games. Their specialist input provides vital underpinning for FCS’ broader policy work to ensure sufficient spectrum is allocated for business radio use, and informs FCS positions on converging technologies like LTE.

To find out more about the CNI group and FCS spectrum policy work, please contact [email protected].
Or speak to Tim on 0207 186 5432.


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