FCS Business Radio Gala Dinner 2020

Thursday 5th November 2020


The Government regulations on measures to combat the COVID-19 (Corona Virus) pandemic have not been relaxed as fast as had been expected back in May. However, with some moves towards opening some venues under strict conditions, there is clearly some cause for optimism. But events like BR are not permitted as yet.

The cancellation of BR20 earlier this year now appears to have been completely sound. With that in mind, we must turn our attention to BR21 and any smaller events that could go forward earlier in the year.

It is currently impossible to predict what the situation will be by Christmas this year with any certainty. Were there to be a resurgence of the pandemic, even harsher lockdown regulations might be enforced, according to some sources.

On the other side, the impact of lock-down on the economy is such that some experts say we are already in the worst economic recession the country has ever experienced with worse to come. What the impact in a 2021/22 timeframe is, seems impossible to predict.

Therefore, the FCS continues with its’ strong desire to continue with BR events in general and therefore will assess the viability very early in 2021 of holding a BR21 late in the year. A principle concern being finding a suitable venue (The Chateau having been closed-down some months ago).

Regarding holding smaller events earlier in the year, the regulations currently effectively prohibit those as well. But, if they change, we will look at that also. Exactly what format these smaller events might take and whether there would be an exhibition opportunity is not known.

As things move forward, I will keep you informed.

As always, your views would be most welcome.

Please contact [email protected] for more info.