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Cancellation Charges

Q1. We are the gaining CP but the existing losing CP is attempting to raise cancellation charges and/or cancellation average call spend charges with my new customer. What can we do?



Q1. What is the maximum time a CP has to back date charge (back bill) an end user. Do we still have a right to back date 6 years, or 12 months or even 4 months?


EECC the European Electronic Communications Code

Q1. I’m aware there are European Electronic Communications Code (EECC) regulation changes but what exactly do I have to do?


Order migrations to IP with Number Porting

Q1. I’m placing requests with Openreach for SoGEA with integrated number transfer (port) but they keep failing.



Q1. What is the situation currently on an end user business of under 10 people who have been signed up to a 5 year phone contract, is there any changes of the Ofcom rules that would make this non-compliant/illegal on the basis of the number of users or type of services or any other angle the client might have.


Ofcom General Conditions

Q1. We are a new CP/have new regulation people and want GC guidance on everything that we have to comply with going forward, can FCS help?


One Touch Switching (OTS) – of fixed voice & broadband post April 2023

Q1. As a CP, will we be able to pass on the gaining provider led switching charge (for a fixed voice/broadband switch) to our residential and/or business customers.

Q2. OTS comes into operation in April 2023, what is the FCS doing about business switches, which from a regulatory perspective seem to be out of scope and we don’t know what we will have to do?


Physical Infrastructure Access (PIA)

Q1. My CP is interested in the Openreach PIA product. Do we need a licence and how do we obtain one?

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