Fitas Members

Name Company ID Number Working to Accreditation Accredited Associate
Ben Stubbe Premier Communication Electronics Ltd FIT0008
Mark Gosling Sheridan Installations FIT0010
Ray Robinson Chameleon FIT0037
Ian Roots I.R.I.S. FIT0043
Mark Winch Avian Mobile Ltd FIT0048
Mark Winch Avian Mobile Ltd FIT0048
Justin Copeland Avian Mobile Ltd FIT0049
Darren Lucey Avian Mobile Ltd FIT0050
Graeme Thomson Avian Mobile Ltd FIT0051
Andrew Clark G6 Global FIT0055
John Pedlow Car Vision UK FIT0059
Steve Dill-Russell SJ Dill-Russell T/A Cellserv FIT0061
John Sullivan G6 Global FIT0062
Scott Blair Telent FIT1017
Richard Jones Comm Spec FIT1031
Alwyn Murray Capita FIT1032
Craig Seville Capita FIT1033
Paul Stephen Turner Capita FIT1034
Darren Wootton Capita FIT1037
Tim O'Brien Telent FIT1039
Dez Bardsley Hyde Park FIT1042
Kevin Wilcox GCS UK Ltd FIT1050
Tom Troung Chameleon FIT1051
Andrew Francis Chiltern Transport Consortium FIT1052
Ian Wilkins Chiltern Transport Consortium FIT1054
Peter Dodd Merseyside Police FIT1061
Peter Wilson Merseyside Police FIT1062
Peter Dempsey Merseyside Police FIT1063
Graeme Gibbons Chiltern Transport Consortium FIT1065
Philip Brogden Chiltern Transport Consortium FIT1066
Jason Ellicott Halls Electrical FIT1067
Corey Scott Radiocoms FIT1069
Thomas Virgin Premier Communication Electronics Ltd FIT1070
Jason Waters Premier Communication Electronics Ltd FIT1071
Cliff Smith Terrafix FIT1072
Cliff Smith Terrafix FIT1072
Alan Boyles Terrafix FIT1073
Alan Boyles Terrafix FIT1073
Robert Homer Terrafix FIT1074
Marc Homer Terrafix FIT1075
Neil MacDonald Terrafix FIT1076
Barrie Raine Terrafix FIT1077
David Green Terrafix FIT1079
Martyn Harry Terrafix FIT1080
Matt Witherden Terrafix FIT1082
Dean Mansfield Terrafix FIT1083
William Taylor Terrafix FIT1084
Patrick Watson Terrafix FIT1085
Stephen Auld Terrafix FIT1086
Gordon Barrett Terrafix FIT1087
Richard Secker Terrafix FIT1088
David Beckingsale Terrafix FIT1089
Michael Jones Terrafix FIT1090
Glyn Brierley Terrafix FIT1091
Robin Broom Premier Communication Electronics Ltd FIT1093
Vaughan Knight North Wales Police FIT1097
Gareth Jones North Wales Police FIT1098
Stephen Smith North Wales Police FIT1099
Ross Parker North Wales Police FIT1100
Carl Spendlove North Wales Police FIT1101
Andrew Gunther North Wales Police FIT1103
Eifion Hughes North Wales Police FIT1105
Jason Price Telent FIT1106
Michael Goodyear Telent FIT1107
Paul Prentice Telent FIT1108
Simon How Telent FIT1109
Robert Davison Telent FIT1110
Wayne Ware-Wilkinson Handsfree FIT1111
Robert Melsom Handsfree FIT1113
Nicholas Rudd Handsfree FIT1114
Peter Baker Handsfree FIT1115
Michael Brewer Handsfree FIT1116
Mehrdad Agharezaie Handsfree FIT1117
Matthew Watson Handsfree FIT1118
Martin Willis Handsfree FIT1119
Mark Ellerington Handsfree FIT1122
Simon Tustian Handsfree FIT1126
Mark Randle West Mercia Police FIT1127
Stuart Lambourne West Mercia Police FIT1128
Kevin Price Cellco (FRS) FIT1130
James Hawkes-Reed Aston Installations Ltd FIT1131
Mark Holtschke West Mercia Police FIT1133
Callum Dixon Affini Technology Ltd FIT1134
Nigel John Hull Affini Technology Ltd FIT1135
Rob Compton Comptons FIT1138
David Speirs West Midlands Police FIT1139
Adam Kindon West Midlands Police FIT1140
Paul Tether West Midlands Police FIT1142
Adrian Titley West Midlands Police FIT1143
Andrew Bright West Midlands Police FIT1144
Paul Chapman Juce Ltd FIT1146
Phillip James Hanson Juce Ltd FIT1148
Alan Bacon APB Mobile Installations FIT1149
Rebecca Bacon APB Mobile Installations FIT1150
Andrew Wiggett Vehicle Fit Limited FIT1152
Brian Marshall Diareyes FIT1153
Matt Edwards Halls Electrical FIT1154
Duncan Wass Halls Electrical FIT1155
Marcus Jenkins Halls Electrical FIT1156
Philip Hopkins Halls Electrical FIT1157
Mark Fewings Halls Electrical FIT1158
Simon Williams Halls Electrical FIT1159
Phil Prescott Pennine FIT1162
Dean Kettle Leicester Police FIT1164
Stephen Alexander Leicester Police FIT1165
Steven Lee Leicester Police FIT1166
James Chambers Leicester Police FIT1167
David Pointon Telent FIT1168
Dean Robert Batten Avon & Somerset Constabulary FIT1182
Rob Webber Avon & Somerset Constabulary FIT1183
Mark Blunden Avon & Somerset Constabulary FIT1184
Giovanni Lamontagna Hamilton & Palmer Installations Ltd FIT1185
Clifford John Hutchins Hamilton & Palmer Installations Ltd FIT1187
Steven Skarratts Avon & Somerset Constabulary FIT1189
Christopher Roy Tipler AWE FIT1190
Ronald James Bradley AWE FIT1191
Peter Charles Talbot AWE FIT1192
Michael Cooper AWE FIT1193
Dean Maurice Povey AWE FIT1194
Michael Gareth Butcher AWE FIT1196
Enrique Jr Poons Atlas Teleommunications FIT1197
Johnelle Mercado Atlas Teleommunications FIT1198
Furqan Muhammad Atlas Teleommunications FIT1199
Khaled Elhajj Atlas Teleommunications FIT1200
Sammy Manaog Atlas Teleommunications FIT1201
Fayyaz Muhammad Fazal Atlas Teleommunications FIT1202
Kashif Mehmood Atlas Teleommunications FIT1203
Muhammad Shafique Atlas Teleommunications FIT1204
Jonathan Watts Cygnal Limited FIT1205
Stephen Hanlon Cygnal Limited FIT1206
Gary Melville Cygnal Limited FIT1210
Mark Jason Mirador Atlas Teleommunications FIT1211
Philip Donaldson Advanced Automotive Solutions FIT1213
Paul Stringer Handsfree FIT1216
Adam Colford Handsfree FIT1217
Graham Holding Handsfree FIT1218
Scott Miles Affini Technology Ltd FIT1222
Lee Cutting Vehicle Tech Installations Ltd FIT1229
Mark Snow Leversedge FIT1230
Anthony Gibbons North East Ambulance FIT1231
Kenneth Ramsay North East Ambulance FIT1232
Greg Halliday VIP Communications (Hull ) Ltd. FIT1233
Joe Newman VTS Installations FIT1234
Alkesh Odedra Foreign Office FIT1235
Nicholad Andreoli Foreign Office FIT1236
Carl Smith Premier Communication Electronics Ltd FIT1237
Craig Stewart [email protected] FIT1240
Stewart Gent Slics Technologies FIT1241
James Livingstone Diareyes FIT1242
Mark Sheperd Diareyes FIT1243
Colin Coke Tracking Doctor FIT1245
Adam Davies AMD Commercial Vehicle Installs FIT1246
Jay Davis Covert Systems Ltd FIT1247
Kevin Lynchehaun James Alpe FIT1248
Daniel Collar TSN Ltd FIT1249
Mark Williams Merseyside Police FIT1250
ron Lewis TSN Ltd FIT1251
Barry Hart TSN Ltd FIT1252
Daniel Bittlinski TSN Ltd FIT1254
Jason Newberry Leversedge FIT1255
Daniel England Leversedge FIT1256
Jeremy Warne Leversedge FIT1257
Ian Millward Serco FIT1259
Kevin Cartwright Halls Electrical FIT1260
Darren Harding Serco FIT1261
Darren Mairs Mairs Auto Installations FIT1266
Marc Vickers Fleet Track Solutions Ltd FIT1267
Steve Newble Auto Electric FIT1268
Winston Collu Diareyes FIT1269
Andrew Stephenson Diareyes FIT1270
Richard Dronsfield Ghost engineering and marine FIT1271
Paul Latham Solway Comms FIT1274
Derek Donoghue Diareyes FIT1275
Andy Parsons Hyde Park Corner FIT1278
Duncan Lockwood Diareyes FIT1279
Mark Clement Affini Technology Ltd FIT1280
Vipul Parekh Affini Technology Ltd FIT1281
Dave Paterson Autotuning Ltd FIT1282
Martin Murrell Radiocoms FIT1283
Anthony Pape PVS Security FIT1285
Paul Fisher Premier Communication Electronics Ltd FIT1287
Wayne Marshall WA MARSHALL FIT1289
Graham Howard Insurefit Vehicle Technologies Ltd FIT1292
Simon Lorford Kwik Fit FIT1293
Joe Roberts Woodside Garage FIT1294
Nigel Vaughan Nigel Vaughan FIT1295
Chris Brown Kwik Fit FIT1296
Stuart Woodroff Carter's Car Care FIT1297
Steve Brudenell North East Carfit FIT1299
Scott Martin UK Telematics FIT1300
Andrew Hill UK Telematics FIT1301
Alexander Sharp UK Telematics FIT1302
Kyle Rees UK Telematics FIT1303
Michael Lewis UK Telematics FIT1304
Scott Waddell UK Telematics FIT1305
Barry Egan UK Telematics FIT1306
Andrew Common VUE CCTV FIT1307
John Etherton Telent ireland FIT1308
Jason Woods Telent ireland FIT1309
Rhys Morgan UK Telematics FIT1310
Paul Fenton Telent ireland FIT1311
Richard Hendy Telent ireland FIT1312
Gerard Stapleton Telent ireland FIT1313
Thomas Hutchinson UK Telematics FIT1314
Joseph Byrne Telent ireland FIT1315
James Cottingham Telent ireland FIT1316
Daniel Sheridan Telent FIT1317
Robin Gilbert Merlin Cartech FIT1318
Duncan Hawkins Telent FIT1319
Mohammed Faisal syed Telent FIT1320
Stuart Clarke Telent FIT1321
Justin Duffy Telent FIT1322
David Hall Foreign Office FIT1324
Daniel Cross Foreign Office FIT1325
James Hand Foreign Office FIT1326
Karl Jones Foreign Office FIT1327
Ian Bates Premier Communication Electronics Ltd FIT1329
James Powell Premier Communication Electronics Ltd FIT1330
Clifton Brown Telent FIT1331
Hudhaifa Sirkhot Telent FIT1332
Kwabena Asamoah-Danso Telent FIT1333
Mark Dobson Telent FIT1334
Anthony McLennan VUE CCTV FIT1335
Allan Frame Telent FIT1336
Charles Burden Telent FIT1337
Matthew Jones VUE CCTV FIT1338
Roy Forbes Telent FIT1339
Robert Richardson Telent FIT1340
Gary Longstaff Telent FIT1341
Daniel Grice Foreign Office FIT1342
Lee White AWE FIT1343
Marcus McDade VUE CCTV FIT1346
David Richardson CBS Automotive FIT1347
Matthew Deering CBS Automotive FIT1348
Levente Kovacs CBS Automotive FIT1349
Andrew Sander Safedrive Installations Ltd FIT1350
Samuel Lowry Safedrive Installations Ltd FIT1351
Graham Markland GVM Mobile communications ltd FIT1354
Adrian Moss A J Alarms FIT1356
Brian Tallett Bespoke Vehicle TRacking FIT1357
Luke Kingscote TSN Ltd FIT1358
Steven Hutchings Safedrive Installations Ltd FIT1359
Billy Juggins Cornwall Vehicle Security FIT1360
Paul Coulsey Nemesis FIT1361
Edward Wray Vistan Technology FIT1362
Martyn Williams Metanoia Developments Ltd FIT1363
Matt Gardener Foresolutions FIT1364
Matthew Jones Diareyes FIT1365
Colin Anderson Diareyes FIT1366
Alan Tracey Diareyes FIT1367
Douglas Barton Diareyes FIT1368
Tom Clayton Clayton Auto Electrics FIT1369
Lance Lovett Diareyes FIT1370
Antony Harris ACHarris Ltd FIT1371
Paul Westwood Radio Systems FIT1372
Anthony Knox Elite Fleet Installations FIT1373
Aidan Arnold Radio Systems FIT1374
Austen Shepherd Telent FIT1375
Kayleigh Tranham Hamilton & Palmer Installations Ltd FIT1376
Kevin Laughton Kevin Laughtion T/A Fit It For Me FIT1377
Nick Gover Auto Communications FIT1378
Dave Withers Dave Withers FIT1379
Chris Davies V.I.S Ltd FIT1380
Martin Wray Mtech Solutions FIT1382
Tom Roger Lightfoot FIT1383
Mark Wright Diareyes FIT1385
Baljit Singh Ghattaura BG Track Installations FIT1386
Royston Williams Diareyes FIT1387
Sheldon Greaves Diareyes FIT1390
Danny Bowley Bowley Installations limited FIT1391
Lee Booth Diareyes FIT1393
Adam McDonald Juce Ltd FIT1394
Darren Campbell DC Alarms FIT1395
Luke Jacobs Diareyes FIT1396
James Daniel Thortech FIT1398
John Gunn UK Telematics FIT1399
Dale Leckie UK Telematics FIT1400
Alex-Florian Bobis UK Telematics FIT1401
Jamie Strachan UK Telematics FIT1402
John William Beynon PBS Telecom FIT1403
Terry Phillis Diareyes FIT1404
Ray Vasey Diareyes FIT1405
Lenny Knox Aston Installations Ltd FIT1406
Alex Young Traffilog FIT1407
Steve Gibson Traffilog FIT1408
Adam lunness Traffilog FIT1409
Brian McCallion 21st Century Fleet Systems FIT1410
James Edwards Traffilog FIT1411
James Freeman Traffilog FIT1412
Dean Leonard Traffilog FIT1413
Markcus Gardener Traffilog FIT1414
Pete Williams Handsfree FIT1415
Joao Costa Handsfree FIT1416
Michael Giblin Handsfree FIT1417
Jonathan Payne Handsfree FIT1418
James Longhurst Millbrook Special Vehicles FIT1420
James Foster Millbrook Special Vehicles FIT1421
Mark Edwards Mark Edwards FIT1422
Alex Littlewood Fleet Comms FIT1425
Mark Reeves GCS UK Ltd FIT1426
Robert Tomczyk Fleet Comms FIT1427
Simon Cayzer GCS UK Ltd FIT1428
Paul Wilkinson GCS UK Ltd FIT1429
Richard Wigley JRH LTD FIT1430
David Redfern JRH LTD FIT1431
Danny Baty JRH LTD FIT1432
Ian Stanley GCS UK Ltd FIT1433
Richard Murphy GCS UK Ltd FIT1434
Rob Burton JRH LTD FIT1435
Mark Burch GCS UK Ltd FIT1436
Nigel Skingley GCS UK Ltd FIT1437
Russell Mears GCS UK Ltd FIT1438
Faith Tooze GCS UK Ltd FIT1439
Steven Constable GCS UK Ltd FIT1440
Glyn Ockwell GCS UK Ltd FIT1441
Andrew Rose Millbrook Special Vehicles FIT1442
Dave Sutterby WYCH COMMS SVCs LTD FIT1443
James Hassall JRH LTD FIT1444
Tara Hassall JRH LTD FIT1445
James Watson JRH LTD FIT1446
Paul Hitchen Fleet Comms FIT1447
Karl Mekss GCS UK Ltd FIT1448
Oli Hassall JRH LTD FIT1449
Richard Smith JRH LTD FIT1450
Daniel Mosforth Fleet Comms FIT1451
Myles Pearson JRH LTD FIT1452
Nick Fossick JRH LTD FIT1453
Scott Adams JRH LTD FIT1454
Sean Morgan Diareyes FIT1455
Brian Merrett Brian Merrett FIT1456
Christopher Yorke Yorke Installations Limited FIT1457
Kev Lount Midland Auto Solutions Ltd FIT1458
Kevin Dyke KD Vehicle Installations FIT1459
Colin Porter Diareyes FIT1460
Robert Brown Diareyes FIT1461
James Sagar BEEMOBILE FIT1462
Douglas Campbell VTSUK FIT1463
Phill Emms Emms INCAR solutions FIT1464
Carlo Corbin AI installations FIT1465
Brian Fajan Brian Fajan FIT1466
Kenneth Campbell KRC SYSTEMS FIT1467
Jason Reynolds Rencom FIT1468
Gary Everett Gary Everett FIT1469
Neil Doughty Ascot Installs FIT1470
Gary Swindells Diareyes FIT1471
Jason Oliver DC-Installations (NORTH) Ltd FIT1472
John Dooney JDI Installs FIT1473
Terry Woodall Slics Technologies FIT1474
Matthew Rowberry Matthew Rowberry FIT1475
Lee Glover Safe and Sound Essex Ltd FIT1476
Adam Smith Safe and Sound Essex Ltd FIT1477
Keith Greening Underwood Communications Ltd FIT1478
Craig Campbell Sisi Autocare FIT1479
Steven Brown Steven Brown FIT1480
Nicholas Taylor Unique installations FIT1481
Andrew Pitts Safe and Sound Essex Ltd FIT1482
Iain Oldershaw In Touch Scotland FIT1483
Spencer Gruskin Eis Limited FIT1484
Stephen Wootton Steve Wootton FIT1485
John Goodson MK Telematics FIT1486
Mike McGuire MJM Installations FIT1487
Tony Shell Tony W Shell FIT1488
Christopher Collinson Diareyes FIT1489
Douglas Barbera Barbera Electrical Services FIT1495
John Speed J.A.S. Vehicle Installations FIT1496
Albert Earle Diareyes FIT1497
John Spence J Spence FIT1499
Terry Brodie Safe and Sound Essex Ltd FIT1500
John Mckillop Tecnifit FIT1501
James Emberson Car & Truck Communications FIT1502
Omar Nicolai All Fit Auto FIT1503
Scott Harris PHACE Installations Ltd FIT1504
Martin Polczynski Fit 2 Drive FIT1505
Mark Davey PHACE Installations Ltd FIT1506
Lee Knight LK Installs FIT1507
Jon Davis TSN Ltd FIT1508
Stephen Blythe Stephen Blythe FIT1509
Liam Bundy UK Mobile Installs Ltd FIT1510
Christopher Fleming Auto Air Communications FIT1511
Mike Powderham Vehicle Mobile Solutions Ltd FIT1512
Steve Gray Vehicle Mobile Solutions Ltd FIT1513
Arron Calver Vehicle Mobile Solutions Ltd FIT1514
William Jackson Jackson Vehicle solutions FIT1515
Adam Szatkowski Maple Fleet Services FIT1516
Ryan Campbell DC Alarms FIT1517
Edmund Brateneau Maple Fleet Services FIT1518
James Wood Maple Fleet Services FIT1519
David Defty Maple Fleet Services FIT1520
Morgan Cowhig maple Fleet Services FIT1521
Mihai Cristescu Maple Fleet Services FIT1522
Damian Miller Maple Fleet Services FIT1523
Ross Fletcher Maple Fleet Services FIT1524
Matthew Wheatley Maple Fleet Services FIT1525
John Quigley Maple Fleet Services FIT1526
Murray Deller 21st Century Fleet Systems FIT1527
Gareth Brown 21st Century Fleet Systems FIT1528
Lee Vale 21st Century Fleet Systems FIT1529
Jamie Johnston 21st Century Fleet Systems FIT1530
Iqbal Jussab 21st Century Fleet Systems FIT1531
mohamed belmokhtar 21st Century Fleet Systems FIT1532
Keith Mills Keith Mills FIT1533
Dean Hamilton 21st Century Fleet Systems FIT1534
Nick Horne NJ Horne FIT1535
Tim Millar TM & A Ltd FIT1536
Jamie Watson Intelligent Telematics Europe Ltd FIT1537
John Harrison Petards FIT1538
Stewart McKenzie Intelligent Telematics Europe Ltd FIT1539
Steven Simpson East Midlands Ambulance Service FIT1540
James Hardeman vehicle tracking installations FIT1541
Daniel Ball East Midlands Ambulance Service FIT1542
Ashely Stanley UK Telematics FIT1543
David McClure UK Telematics FIT1544
Sam Timney ARX Systems FIT1545
Ashley Quinn UK Telematics FIT1546
Alex Peters 21st Century Fleet Systems FIT1547
Sean Burgess 21st Century Fleet Systems FIT1548
Andrew Shackel Maple Fleet Services FIT1549
Paul Hodges TrackerTech Ltd FIT1550
Mark Bradley South Coast Security FIT1588
Antonia Garafolo Tracker UK Ltd FIT2001
Paul Roberts Tracker UK Ltd FIT2002
Peter Oughton Handsfree UK FIT2003
Ian Bucknall Mix Telematics FIT2004
Adil Khokhar CBS Automotive FIT2005
Scott Hasson Masternaut FIT2006
Chris Steggles Masternaut FIT2007
Robert Clark Masternaut FIT2008
Chetan Mistry Masternaut FIT2009
Keith Diplock Lytx FIT2010
Andrew Malins Teletrac Navman FIT2011
Brian Hickling Teletrac Navman FIT2012
Keith Helps Teletrac Navman FIT2013
Andrew Lee Teletrac Navman FIT2014
Darren Downs Millbrook Special Vehicles FIT2015