Strengthen Global Competitiveness

  • Business development opportunities for suppliers should be facilitated by promoting full, fair, and open competition in international markets.
  • Trade agreements should be promoted that eliminate or reduce artificial market access barriers and technical barriers to trade.
  • Access to public-sector spend in UK and EU markets should be on the basis of free access to suppliers of all sizes.  Specifiers and buyers should have to justify pre-qualification barriers which discriminate in favour of the status-quo and against small businesses and new entrants to the market.
  • Communications services must be liberalized on a technology-neutral basis.
  • Communications services must be liberalized on a technology-neutral basis.
  • Bilateral and multilateral telecom agreements should provide for transparency, independent regulatory authority, non-discrimination against foreign suppliers, and technology neutrality.
  • FCS supports the development and implementation of common-sense enforcement approaches to New Legislative Framework and export control mechanisms that risk distorting the market for recycling and resale of end-of-life mobile phones and IT equipment.
  • Enforcement authorities should provide robust guidance for manufacturers, importers, wholesalers and resellers with regard to ‘first placer’ and chain-of-custody requirements.

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