FCS Member Groups

Environmental Regulation

Originally starting life as the mobile handset industry’s Mobile Takeback Forum, the remit of the FCS environmental group has grown far beyond the narrow scope of dealing with end-of-life responsibilities, the re-sale of stolen handsets and reducing electrical waste to landfill.

Under its new name of the Communications Environmental Regulation Consortium, the group brings the networks, manufacturers and recyclers together into a powerful and well-informed resource from which the whole industry can learn and draw best practice.

Mission Statement:

A Communications Industry Consortium with the objectives of:

  • Influencing & challenging environmental regulation
  • Sharing information
  • Leading industry best practice

CERC knows the answers to manufacturers’ concerns about the EU’s new regulatory framework, which imposes new obligations on the supply chain. It has the answers to resellers’ questions about the re-cast WEEE directive, which contains unintended new restrictions on recyclers’ right to sell into other EU member states. It knows the latest state of play on ROHS, which inhibits the use of certain materials, and imposes controls upon the way in which others are disposed of.

More than just a repository of informed intelligence, CERC works proactively on the industry’s behalf to achieve commercially acceptable outcomes which match the regulators’ intentions with the reality of the marketplace.

Current workstreams include engaging alongside TUFF, the Telecomms UK Fraud Forum, to ensure the recyclers’ code of practice is both legally compliant and truly fit for purpose. And brokering and supporting resilient mechanisms to allow the industry to track and monitor the resale of suspect hand-sets.

CERC members engage regularly with BIS, DEFRA and the Environment Agency to anticipate and inform upcoming legislation, and to ensure the industry’s views are sought and shared at the very earliest stages.