FCS Member Groups


Now the guardian of FCS's newest member benefit -- the FCS Mark of Excellence for Fraud Mitigation over SIP -- the FCS Fraud Group was created in 2013 in response to members’ frustration at the level of fraud to which customers are subjected, the lack of reliable data, and the need for best practice and common policies around managing customer expectations.

The most common problem is Dial Through Fraud (DTF) which occurs when someone hacks private phone systems so that unauthorised and illegal calls can be routed through them without the knowledge or authorisation of the owner. Unfortunately the victims are left to pay the cost of the calls that have been made.

The group has already prepared best practice documents, both for commissioning engineers and for the customers of their new phone systems, containing basic advice like password protection and by-default switching off of outgoing international calls to help safeguard against DTF. The best practice checklist can be found here.  It is also engaging with the insurance industry to share statistics and to seek for specific anti-fraud measures to be included by default in business insurance policies, as a stimulus to customers to act responsibly to reduce risk.

Model  terms and conditions for contracts have been produced, with assistance from Eversheds, to make it plain to customers that protecting their systems against attack is their responsibility, and to create clear contractual conditions for the avoidance of any dispute in the event of a security breach. The Ts&Cs and guidance on their use can be found here

The Fraud Group brings together experts from across the fixed-line telephony space, who can act as advisors or referees for industry initiatives like the re-cast of the NICC Code of Practice on dial-through fraud to include SIP.