FCS Member Groups


The FCS Numbering Group was set up in April 2006 to represent companies that deliver numbers and number related services to businesses and consumers in the UK. The industry is changing fast; industry regulator, Ofcom, completed major reviews of telephone numbering generally and Number Translation Services (services based on “business rate” numbers in the 0844, 0845, 0870 and 0871 ranges). These have set in train major changes which directly affect numbering providers and resellers.

The FCS Numbering Group offers an avenue for these numbering providers, including NTS/ NGC and PRS providers, to co-operate and work with regulators and customers to deal with the impending changes

The Numbering Group is chaired by Kieron James of Nexbridge Communications Ltd

Membership is open to companies that are, or are seeking to become, Numbering providers or resellers or their suppliers. The Numbering Group is a membership group within FCS. Members of FCS may join the Numbering Group as well as other Groups relevant to their companies such as the Fixed Service Provider Group, the FCS industry Forum and the VoIP Group

If you are interested in joining the FCS Numbering Group or would like further information about the group’s activities or any of the issues above click here


Number Portability

FCS set up a working group in December 2007 to provide input into the work of UK Porting -UKP-which was set up by Ofcom to facilitate the Mobile and Fixed telecommunications industry in implementing the changes to General Condition 18 set out in Ofcom's Concluding Statement on Telephone Number Portability published on Novembers 29th 2007. Following a challenge to the competition Appeal Tribunal Ofcom subsequently set aside its November 2007 policy and UK Porting ceased activity.

Information on Number Portability processes are found on the Ofcom website

FCS issued a summary report in October 2009 on Fixed-Line Number Portability. Click here to view the report.

FCS comments on Ofcom proposals for a compensation scheme for number portability- April 2011

FCS provides administrative services to the Mobile Number Portability Operators Steering Group


Non Geographic Calls Services Review

Ofcom issued a consultation document on non geographic call services in 2010 setting out proposals to streamline the sector with the aim of making telephone numbers more transparent for consumers and building confidence in the market. Ofcom’s preferred solution is to separate the charges for access and service. FCS in its March 2011 response supported Ofcom’s proposals but as an interim step suggested that price capping be implemented as an interim step.

Ofcom issued its statement and further consultation Simplifying non-geographic numbers in April 2012

In April 2015, Ofcom released this statement on the use of non-geographicnumbers in broadcasting which contains useful information if you or your customers have any NGCS that are advertised on television (inlcuding 0844s).


Useful Information

Download a copy of a whitepaper on the changes that are in train and the impact this may have on your NGCS ranges here.

With the understanding that the following is to be used as a guide only and should not be relied apon as a definitive statement, download a copy of a speadsheet detailing the current allocated NGCS ranges map against the 80 new service charge price points here. Many thanks to Union Street for sharing this with us.