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FCS is an industry-leading confederation of communications businesses, who have banded together to create a common voice to represent the views of comms professionals to government and regulators.

FCS provides a unique network in which members’ experiences from right across the business-to-business communications world can be pooled and exchanged to create best-practice approaches.  This all-industry, technology-agnostic heritage means FCS is uniquely equipped to be the centre of thought leadership as technologies and markets converge and develop.

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    Application Details

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    Annual subscription fees are based on the relevant turnover* for your company in communications products and services in the UK market for the previous year. Please tick the relevant subscription band for your company.

    * Relevant turnover is not necessarily the total turnover for your company. For clarification of how to calculate relevant turnover, please call the FCS office.

    Members' turnover

    In relevant communications products and services for the previous year

    Up to £0.25 million.Membership £530 + VAT£0.25 to £0.5 million. Membership £740 + VAT£0.5 to £1 million. Membership £990 + VAT£1 to £1.5 million. Membership £1,250 + VAT£1.5 to £2 million. Membership £1,650 + VAT£2 to £3 million. Membership £2,230 + VAT£3 to £5 million. Membership £2,840 + VAT£5 million or over. Contact the FCS office for the relevant membership fee

    Higher Turnover?

    Companies with a turnover of £5 million or over should contact the FCS office for the relevant membership fee on: 020 7186 5432.

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