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FCS members are the professionals of the communications industry. They are committed to excellent customer service, best practice and the development of their people.

But the required knowledge and skills don’t come automatically and FCS is often asked for help in this area by its members (and others):

  • Help with the induction of new staff – for whom the complexities of the business communications market can at first be bewildering.
  • Help for management teams in understanding the General Conditions and how to comply with Ofcom’s requirements.
  • Help to develop their sales teams into people who understand communications and can sell the solutions customers need effectively.

To meet these needs FCS has teamed up with to provide access to a range of market leading training for its members in the telecoms sector.


About Train to Win.TV

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Train to was established to fill a gap in the market and help its clients succeed in the fast moving world of communications. Train to offers the most comprehensive range of telecoms training on the market. The portfolio has been designed and developed by experienced telecoms professionals to meet the special needs of the industry.

Train to is flexible in its approach to training provision, offering a mix of bespoke training designed in consultation with the client and a programme of open courses which are held around the UK.


What is available?

Details of the available courses and programmes are set out below but for further information about any of the courses listed, about Train to Win’s approach or to discuss your own training needs, just email [email protected]


Standalone Courses

Introduction to Telecoms

Something that, surprisingly, has not been offered before, this course enables new starters to gain a high level of knowledge of the industry, its products and key players, all in one day! The course increases the confidence and productivity of new staff from the outset.

Delivered by Julie Mills, this is offered either as an open course or can be tailored to your company’s branding and product range and delivered on your own premises.

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Telecoms Regulatory Training

This course offers an overview of the main industry regulations. The content is focused on the regulations which directly affects reseller CPs in running their day to day business, covering sales and marketing, contracts, billing and in-life service delivery. Delegates will receive simple guidance and practical advice on how to achieve compliance.

Delivered by Michael Eagle, this is offered either as an open course or can be bespoked to your company operation and delivered on your own premises.

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Cold Calling and Lead Generation

This course will give you the tools to run your prospecting more effectively. Offering an innovative approach and providing you with new tools, including use of LinkedIn, to reduce your reliance on cold calling, this programme will definitely get you more appointments.

Delivered by Gary May of Salesology.

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Dispute and Situation Management

Handling difficult situations and disputes can be one of the most difficult scenarios any employee can face. This course helps delegates to develop the skills to manage and resolve confrontational situations. Delegates will leave the session with their own personal action plan.

Delivered by Julie Mills.

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Improved Customer Engagement

We think that customer management is as important as sales training. Most communications companies agree but do not always deliver as they would wish. This course will give delegates the tools and skills to become truly customer-focussed and deliver a better customer experience.

Delivered by Julie Mills.

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Improved E-mail Communication

E mail is arguably now the most common form of communication with customers. The style of your emails reflects the person and the ethos of the company sending it. This course provides an insight into how e-mails can build trust and improve your image with both customers and prospects.

Delivered by Julie Mills.

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Influence and Persuasion

Whether you are looking to kick start a telemarketing team or get an improvement from your existing team, this course will improve your conversion rate and deliver measurable returns by giving sales people an understanding of persuasion, non verbal communication and buying psychology.

Delivered by Gary May of Salesology

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Linked In for Business

This course will show you how to integrate LinkedIn into your sales and marketing strategy to make it really work for your sales team and your company. With over 300 million users of LinkedIn, including thousands of key decision makers in your market, you are sitting on a potential goldmine.

Delivered by Stuart Carpenter.

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Social Media for Business

The majority of businesses using social media are broadcasting generic messages into the ether. This course helps you to understand why you are using social media and to help you meet your goals more effectively.

Delivered by Stuart Carpenter.

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Technical and Systems Training

Unless your customer’s staff are trained on using your new solution, you cannot expect them to reap the full benefits of the investment. Our experts design tailored programmes reflective of your business processes and key terminology to help you to educate your user community. We also offer training for your partners on all IPT platforms, sales and technical.

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New Business Lead Generation

With an evaluative approach, we offer an impartial review on your current new business operations, giving you objective feedback on the tools and processes adopted at present. Where applicable, we offer improved tangible strategies to aid workforce efficiency and increase the quality and quantity of new business opportunities.

Delivered by Janet Barnes

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End User Training

We think professional trainers, not engineers should help your customers get the most out of their investment and our end user training has been designed to do just that.

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Structured Training Programmes

Managed Induction

Why managed induction? By getting new staff more familiar with your products, suppliers (and each other) more quickly, we will not only increase productivity and leave your existing staff free to do their own jobs we will also improve your staff retention. Our managed induction programmes have been proven to reduce staff churn by87% in the first year.

Delivered by Julie Mills.

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Managed Outsourced Training

Most businesses don’t have the time or resources to deliver a joined up training programme that is aligned to their business culture and goals. We will work with you to carry out a gap analysis and an assessment of your training needs. We can then provide delivery of the initial programme together with ongoing assessment and reporting to update the programme.

Delivered by Julie Mills.

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Bundled Programmes

Based on our experience of customers’ needs, we have created a series of bundled offerings in key areas; People, Profile, Profitability and a special Train to Win bundle. The bundles have been created to deliver maximum effectiveness and value. These are all bespoke programmes to meet the needs of your business and achieve your business goals.

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For further information email [email protected]