Representing Business Professionals

Voice and data communications is a vital and growing industry.  So there’s no shortage of photogenic and articulate marketing professionals putting the case for mobile roaming, on-line gaming or video-on-demand.

There is, however, a shortage of counter-balancing argument of the value to UK plc of business-to-business communications.  The calls and connectivity which enable modern businesses to trade in a modern world.  The empowering, underpinning technology without which there would be no employment, no wages and no demand for all those consumer communications benefits which so occupy our policy-makers’ attention.

This vital but unlovely re-balancing task is the role of FCS:  the all-industry trade association for professional communications solution providers.

FCS spends its days gently but assertively pointing out that business-grade broadband is more about upload speeds and resilience than all-you-can-eat data downloads.

Steadily pursuing an agenda of making BT Openreach accountable for poor service levels which make it impossible for resellers to give their customers accurate data about engineer appointments or fault-fixing deadlines.  Doggedly reminding Ofcom what ‘equivalence of access’ means to business customers, or explaining to DCMS why selling off all the UK’s radio spectrum to mobile networks might not be the optimum solution for long-term resilience.

FCS performs a unique function in the industry.  Sitting across all technologies;  representing interests and experiences from analogue radio and voice-over-copper on one hand, and from hosted cloud services, 4G roaming and in-car DAB radio at the other.  This rich network of industry professionals feeds well-informed experience into the broad-range of policy initiatives which FCS pursues on the industry’s behalf.

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