What we stand for

Enabling Business Growth

A vibrant, competitive, business-quality communications infrastructure is vital to Britain’s growth prospects.  In planning for the future, Government must recognise – and prioritize – the crucial role played by the communications network in general and professional business-quality communications in particular.

This requires putting comms at the very centre of policy thinking as a core enabler for the wider policy agenda of strengthening the UK’s global competitiveness, driving inward investment and enabling and encouraging the industries of tomorrow.

In the course of the 2015 Parliament, FCS is campaigning for:

  • Government recognition via BEIS and Treasury of the vital, enabling role of comms infrastructure and a vibrant reseller market in enabling UK growth.
  • Utility comms infrastructure (both active and passive) across all platforms on an open-access basis, owned and managed by industry stakeholders.
  • Gaining-Provider-Led switching across all platforms.
  • Clear metrics for determining Societal Benefit of comms infrastructure reserved for public services/non-commercial uses.
  • 'Cyber security’ in its broadest sense recognised as a board-level responsibility in all companies, and priced accordingly by insurers.
  • Ofcom to be required to report annually to Parliament on the need for its continued existence.