Announcement of this 2018's Gerald David (OBE) Award Winner for Innovation in Business Radio

Posted on 15/11/2018

Professional-grade radio communications has been, is now, and always will be needed to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of vital, mission-critical operations.  But, the requirements placed on these types or radiocommunications are continuously increasing.  The users require ever-better equipment with greater capability and supporting the increasing facilities that are now needed in their critical operations.

In order to meet these increasing demands, the business radio industry has had to continuously provide new and better solutions.  This has required a lot of innovation in all aspects of solution delivery.  It isn’t limited to just the products themselves.  Innovation is seen in every aspect of the overall process from requirement capture through actual arrangements for delivery and even foreseeing future demands to ensure the solution provides the essential future path with a minimum of disruption to critical operations.  Innovation in all aspects of activity is therefore seen as key to long-term success in this market sector.

Gerald David (OBE) proposed that it would be advantageous if a tangible benefit to innovators was available that would encourage a specific focus on Innovation within the industry, right at the start of this journey.  Working with the Federation of Communication Services, the Award for Innovation in Business Radio came into being in 2004.  The Award is very simple in concept, it identifies and then publicly recognises the most Innovative company in the UK within the Business Radio industry. 

Imagine that.  You can put on your website and company letterhead your literature (and everything else) that a team of six expert judges had concluded that in that year, your company is the most innovative company in the country within the business radio industry.  That is definitely something you would want to tell your prospective customers.

In 2018 the entries were extremely strong, the shortlist (in order of receipt) for this year’s Gerald David (OBE) Award for Innovation in Business Radio is:

  • ICOM (UK) with their Icom LTE Radio System solution
  • Motorola Solutions Ltd with their MOTOTRBO™ Link solution
  • GlobalView Systems Ltd with their RETAIN Solution


For more information on these entries and contact details to follow-up, go to the FCS Website (or direct link below[1]) The expert judges were faced with a daunting task to select a winner from these entries.  The judging process is highly analytical to ensure that no bias can enter the process[2]

The winner is announced at the Business Radio Gala Dinner[3] which was held on the evening of the Business Radio Conference[4] at Chateau Impney in November.

This year, the Federation was delighted to announce:


Global View Systems Ltd with their RETAIN Solution

as the

Winner of the 2018 Gerald David Award (OBE) for Innovation in Business Radio.


Full information about GlobalView Systems Ltd and RETAIN can be found through the FCS Website.

For more information about RETAIN contact:

Matthew Wright

GlobalView Systems Ltd

E: [email protected]

T: 01482 772536



{Note to Editors:

RETAIN - Intelligent Operational readiness and notification, an operational readiness and notification solution.

At its heart, RETAIN aims to improve Retained Fire fighter retention within the service and to increase the operational readiness of the retained stations.  It provides a full availability schedule overview, taking skills into account, alongside strategic alert notification of Fire Fighters (FF).

This then broadens out to wider 24hr industry and operations that require a resilience plan and swift response. Retain provides the tools for all industries to assess their readiness, to respond to an incident and the ability to notify across a wide variety of devices should an incident occur.}


Tim Cull

Federation of Communication Services

[email protected]


For enquiries about the Federation of Communication Services, contact Laura on: 020 7186 5432 or by email at [email protected].


[2] The Federation is grateful to the judges for all their work, every year, to prepare for and then execute The Award judging process.

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