Ofcom looks at Fairness for Customers in Communications Markets

Posted on 28/06/2019

As part of its “Fairness for Customers” programme, Ofcom has launched a discussion paper on “Making communications markets work well for customers -  A framework for assessing fairness in broadband, mobile, home phone and pay-TV”:


You will no doubt spot the immediate issues with the title - it is aimed at “customers” which you all have, but refers to “home phone” with no mention of business phone provision. It is also unclear whether the voluntary “Fairness Commitments” (referred to in para 3.15) are applicable in all cases to business as, at their launch on 3 June, it was made clear that “vulnerability” does not relate to business customers. Launch info here:


Despite these niggles, the overall view to take from this is that Ofcom is moving to an expectation of CPs treating customers fairly across the board

The response to the discussion document is due on 12 August 2019 - please do let us have your thoughts and comments for inclusion.

Cathy Gerosa

[email protected]

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