December 2020 CSP Meeting

Added by Richard Gill | Friday 8th January 2021

Openreach joined the call to provide a Service Update and take questions from Members. The next FCS – Openreach Surgery  is now scheduled for Noon on Thursday 14th Jan 2021. Openreach also gave an update on the development of the Digital Price Book. This will give CPs the opportunity to update their billing systems electronically. Each price will have a unique code that can be cross referenced with a CP bill.

FCS Members are asked to provide feedback on the following questions and whether they would like a follow up session for their Billing teams:

  • How will CPs use the Digital price book?
  • Would CPs find it helpful to make the Unique price code available on the public portal?
  • Would CPs find it helpful to improve the layout and readability of the public portal?

Openreach also gave an update on how well they have been delivering on their Commitments. FCS Members are asked to provide feedback if their perception of Openreach is at variance with the generally positive feedback shared in the slides.

FCS provided their monthly feedback from industry meetings, including All IP transition progress. If you want to provide and feedback or raise any queries please contact  [email protected]

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