Monetising the Internet of Things

Added by Chris Pateman | Friday 7th November 2014

Comms Vision 2014.  Industry leaders, channel visionaries and voice-and-data gurus converge on Gleneagles for Comms Dealer's annual thought leadership summit.  Top of the agenda of things to watch out for:  the so-called Internet of Things.  A topic which up till now has been confined almost exclusively to FCS's business radio members.

Convergence has never looked so sweet. Here are the voice and data players, looking (as they always do) for the next opportunity to deliver value solutions to business customers.  And here is the business radio community asking (as it always does) those unwelcome questions about battery life, bandwidth, available spectrum and how many signals can reasonably be combined in a single channel.

Here's the good news for puzzled Gleneagles delegates:  your peers in FCS are already on the case with answering that question: "it's all very nice, but how do we make any money out of it".  And here's the good news for our long-suffering Business Radio and Critical National Infrastructure members:  this issue now has critical mass.  Your peers in FCS are all involved now.  We're all in this together.

Not for nothing does FCS use the slogan: Making Sense of Converging Markets.  Live the dream.