November CSP Meeting

Added by Richard Gill | Friday 27th November 2020

Openreach joined the call to provide an update into their proposals for introducing a Single Sign-on process for their Portal users. This will be launched in March 2021 and will initially run alongside the existing arrangements. However, users will need to ultimately switch to the new process later in 2021. Openreach have offered to run an onboarding workshop for FCS Providers. Please e-mail [email protected] if you’re interested.

Openreach also gave an update on their recent Service challenges and offered to conduct a fortnightly ‘surgery’ for FCS CSP members, which will start in December. Look out for the meeting invites next week.

FCS provided an update on the key elements of the EECC and will set up a Members call to go through any concerns prior to discussing with Ofcom. FCS also shared the All IP exceptions process to be introduced as part of the Salisbury Stop Sell trial.  The collateral and meeting notes have already been shared with members directly via e-mail. If you would like a copy please contact [email protected].

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