Security Checklist

Added by C Gerosa | Tuesday 2nd December 2014

The FCS has launched a Telephone Security Checklist which has been developed by the FCS Fraud Group.

The aim was to create a simple to use checklist that CPs could use when installing kit for customers that would show what the installer had done, and what further steps the customer should take to help safeguard themselves against dial-through fraud (DTF).

The document is designed to be handed over by CP's installers to their customers, with the opportunity to take a copy with a signature as acknowledgement it has been received. It is branded it as an FCS document as it was felt it would be easier to present in this form. It also refers customers to the cyber streetwise website for further information.

The checklist will be referenced in the forthcoming NICC guide for securing IP PBXs to “prevent or reduce” the harm caused by theft of service. The standard will be called ND1438 and will be in addition to the current guide for circuit switched PBXs (ND1407).

There is a link to the document on our FCS Fraud Group page here, along with a brief overview of DTF which may assist CPs who are trying to explain to their  customers what has happened and where responsibility lies, in the event that the worst has happened.