FITAS Launches Lightfoot Module

Added by Jason McComb | Friday 10th March 2017

As part of their ongoing commitment to ensuring the highest quality fitting to all Lightfoot customers, the FITAS Lightfoot Module has been launched today


FITAS is an ongoing accreditation, meaning that engineers are required to update their skill sets to ensure they are up to date with the latest innovations, industry standards and fitting specifications. Part of this means taking on additional modules throughout the 3 year course in order to earn “points”, which are required to progress. These modules are varied to cover all manner of installation techniques, regulations and products, specific to different fleet and vehicle types. By providing engineers with these options, FITAS are ensuring they get only the information which is most applicable to them and their customer base.

Today, we have launched the Lightfoot fitting module, which our first batch of engineers have attended via an online webinar! Working closely with FITAS, Lightfoot has now produced a module which engineers are actively taking to ensure they know the product inside and out. This means they are fitting not only the best industry guideline practice, but also our own product specific standards. And, just to make sure they are paying attention… there will be a test afterwards!

Engineers are also subject to random auditing to make sure that standards are upheld and to prevent their accreditation from becoming a “tick box exercise”. This furthers our commitment to ensure that our accredited fitting partners receive all the information they could possibly have to make sure our customers get the best service.

Remember, by requesting FITAS accredited engineers, you are ensuring you get the best possible install to the highest standards.