April's FSP Round-Up

Added by Cathy Gerosa | Thursday 21st April 2016

April's dial-in Fixed Service Providers Group meeting featured interesting discussions about the FCS Fraud Group, Broadband USO and DCR and Review of General Conditions, slides available here.

As discussed during the call, any items to add to the “issues list” gratefully received – topics to include items that I can raise at SMF, CFPCG or other meetings on behalf of members.

Please also find the briefing that Openreach sent out in February regarding changes to service manager/customer experience manager contact here. FCS is pursuing this via the EAO as it seems to disadvantage “smaller” CPs. I will be sending out a more detailed note about this shortly, but if you would like to throw your hat into the ring to support this one, please do let me know asap.

Any other questions about the content of the meeting, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Next month's meeting will take place on the 24th May.

Please contact me should you have any questions.

Cathy Gerosa

[email protected]