June's FSP Round-Up

Added by Cathy Gerosa | Tuesday 21st June 2016

June's dial-in Fixed Service Providers meeting featured interesting discussions around Member SoRs, Review of General Conditions, TUFF reseller forum and latest feedback from NPPCG, SMF and CFPCG, slides availabile here.


A reminder that the next face to face meeting on 26th July will include 3 presentations from Openreach:

1. SOGEA - Fergus Crockett - answering questions such as:

What will be the sales process for the service?

How is it different from MPF/SMPF?

What impact will it have on services OR can offer to customers?

What is the impact on voice (WLR/MPF) – we keep hearing the “no dial-tone” warning, but what is the reality?

Will CPs still be able to offer a PATS compliant service?

2. Harmonised Repair - Sophia Batalova

3. Changes to contacting the Customer Experience Team - Jillian Smith


Please contact me should you have any questions.

Cathy Gerosa

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