News from Openreach

Added by C Gerosa | Wednesday 30th July 2014

On 9 July Openreach held a call to talk through the ISDN30  order journey. There is a recording to accompany the slide deck distributed to members and OR are happy to work through on a bilateral basis. Members can let me know if they would like to take advantage of this offer.

On Friday last week, Openreach notified CPs that it was going to start publishing KPI information. This is as a result of the Fixed Access Market Review and is required (by Ofcom) to be in a format that is easy for consumers to understand. The link to the briefing is here:

This gives a link to the “Expect Openreach” site which is geared to  consumers, but does contain useful click through information, underneath the headline stats,  in the purple “Our Responsibilities” box. (NB: This site works best in IE).