August's CSP Meeting

Added by Richard Gill | Monday 31st August 2020

Openreach joined the call to provide an update on plans for the Pricing and Commercials of the Premium Service Maintenance Levels applied to Copper and Fibre Access Products. Alongside that Openreach are planning to improve the Customer Access details to increase the efficiency of SML4, though performance will remain around 80% and that any increase in performance will significantly increase the cost to deliver. Openreach also reported that Fault volumes are running at record levels (20% higher than this time last year) and have introduced contractual overtime to cope with the high volumes.

FCS provided an update on the plethora of Ofcom consultations and the status of the Direct Reseller Access SoR. The team also reported back from latest industry Working Groups, Commercial and Service meetings and Ofcom consultations.

The collateral and meeting notes have already been shared with members directly via e-mail.

If you would like a copy please contact Richard Gill on [email protected]