CISPR - bringing it all back home

Added by Chris Pateman | Friday 2nd September 2016

The Federation of Communication Services has been the voice of Britain’s professional Business Radio handset providers and spectrum-licensees for 35 years.  So we were delighted to respond when BSI was looking for interested partners to help the UK host CISPR’s Annual Congress for the first time since 2001.

BSI has chosen to host CISPR  2018 at Aston University in the centre of Birmingham, from September 24 to October 4 2018.  It's a wonderful, modern venue with fantastic access to the Second City;  FCS will be handling all the non-technical elements of the event – logistics, accommodation and venue management for delegates, as well as the sponsorship opportunities for suppliers who wish to be associated with this unique gathering of international influencers.

We are seeking ideas to help make this event a really memorable experience for CISPR’s delegates.  So we are looking a bit beyond the hackneyed ‘two sales people behind a flag-draped table’ approaches to sponsorship. 

Of course big brand-building opportunities will exist for companies who want to sponsor an event App, attach their brand to the wi-fi or provide lunches and snacks for delegates. But we are also looking at smaller, more niche or more focused opportunities for organisations who are interested in specific work-streams or specific groups of delegates.

We are also looking to broaden the opportunity for other UK institutions to benefit from having the world’s finest radio-interference experts all gathered within two hours’ drive of 90% of the UK’s population.  What appetite might there be among delegates to participate in ‘poster sessions’ where research students could sanity-test ideas or proposals?

Issues around radio-frequency emissions and interference are going to be ever more critical in the years ahead, as the so-called ‘internet of things’ encourages a whole new generation of hopeful entrepreneurs into a market where interference management is already a crucial concern.  FCS is genuinely delighted to have this opportunity to be a catalyst in the process of future-proofing the digital world economy.