September's CSP Meeting

Added by Richard Gill | Wednesday 30th September 2020

Openreach joined the call to provide an update on plans for their Fibre Only Drop Wire proposition, which will free up poles and minimise cost of removal in Fibre to the Premise areas.

FCS confirmed that it will be sharing draft consultation responses with Members on Wholesale Voice Markets and Open Communications over the next two weeks. FCS also updated members on the structure of the industry engagement on the Transitioning Copper Services to All IP Programme. A Steering Group has been formed to strategically manage and direct the programme, FCS will represent the interests of its members and smaller providers at this board. FCS also reported that they are looking to run a Transitioning Copper Services to All IP event for its members, jointly with Openreach, that will focus on the specific topics that matter to you. The team also reported back from latest industry Working Groups, Commercial and Service meetings and Ofcom consultations.

The collateral and meeting notes have already been shared with members directly via e-mail.

If you would like a copy please contact Richard Gill on [email protected]