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Vehicle Installers

Vehicle installers provide the crucial technical skills to ensure radio-frequency equipment is installed correctly and safely into motor vehicles.  This includes anything from audio system upgrades and reversing sensors in private cars to mission-critical comms in blue-light vehicles or intrinsically safe hand-sets in petrol tankers.  FCS policy work on behalf of professional vehicle installers is based around five fundamental principles:


Free and competitive markets:  Articulating the case for consumers and public sector buyers to use specialist vehicle installers. Ensuring the SME supplier agenda is fully understood by public sector buyers.

Transparency of competition:   Ensuring customers are aware there is a viable and professional alternative to retail outlets or franchised dealerships

Equivalence of Access:  Representing the voice of the independent installer in industry discussions on digital switch-over, public sector procurement, e-Call or the ‘connected car’.  Establishing FCS1362 as the default reference standard in the Crown Commercial Service vehicle conversion framework RM956.  Campaigning to create a new market for owners of second-hand vehicles to upgrade the low-quality OEM audio and electronic equipment with which their car was sold.

Regulation which recognizes the distinct nature of the business-to-business market place:  Ensuring policy-makers do not see only the perspective of new vehicle manufacturers, franchised dealerships and consumer groups.

Industry best practice, where the industry itself sets the appropriate performance/quality levels:  Administering the FITAS accreditation scheme for vehicle engineering to the FCS1362 Code of Practice.  Maintaining the MPT radio industry codes of practice.  Championing an industry-authored benchmark for the correct installation of radio-frequency equipment into vehicles -- both the National Association of Police Fleet Managers and Crown Commercial Services insist upon FCS1362 as the default benchmark for vehicle installations.  Brokering common approaches to end-of-life and recycling/reuse obligations.