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Digital CCTV Control Room and Camera Replacement – North East

The organisation’s current control room analogue equipment was installed in 2008 and supports the monitoring of CCTV cameras. Public space and organisation asset cameras at end of life are difficult to replace as many are digital and the control room is analogue. The...

AV Integrator – London

The organisation wishes to establish an Agreement/Contract for the provision of the detailed design, technical commissioning and installation of audio-visual systems for their exhibition. This will include a 4-month period of warranty for the AV control system....

Audio Visual Maintenance Service – Hertfordshire

The organisation is looking to set up a contract with the successful bidder for the provision of an Audio Visual (AV) Maintenance Service. Closing date: 03/05/2024

UK Tour AV Fitout Services – London

The exhibition is in six sections, and there are 13 AV exhibits in London, comprising films, audio, interactive touchscreens, projections and an LED push-button interactive. 2 films will be added for Manchester only, and up to 3 new films will be added for Edinburgh...