Update to Business Radio Site Engineering Code of Practice

FCS believes it is essential that its codes of practice reflect current best practice and, as such, has issued a significant revision to its FCS1331 code of practice on business radio site engineering.

The Code of Practice, created to help purchasers of systems and installers understand key operational issues that need to be addressed in order to provide a better operational solution, contains guidance and the latest information, including contributions from many installation industry representatives under the guidance of the FCS Business Radio Council.

The latest revision reflects:

  • Current safety legislation and practice,
  • Radio spectrum licensing (including changes to the Conditions),
  • The regulatory and legal environment developments including those arising from the UK leaving the European Union,
  • The increasing complexity of issues at the site,


  • Advice on procedures.

Download the 2022 updated version of FCS1331 HERE.

FCS would like to thank all contributors for their input and hard work.

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