FCS Activity Update

On behalf of the smaller communications service provider, this is what the Federation of Communicatons Industry has been up to recently.


Service Management Forum (SMF)
Megan Corcoran leads this for the FCS to ensure the concerns members flag are recognised and prioritised correctly by Openreach.
Number Porting (NP)
Megan Corcoran leads this group for the FCS to ensure the current ‘clunky’ process operates for members and that improvements linked to OTS are prioritised by industry. Megan is also engaging with the OTS porting group to make sure that the improvements to porting work for all members of the complex supply chain and not just that of the vertically integrated providers.
Openreach FTTP business orders
Megan Corcoran leads this for the FCS to ensure key improvements are prioritised and FTTP provision performance is improved.
Ofcom engagement
Stef Norman is leading the FCS direct engagement and influence for Business with Ofcom on ‘Mobile Roaming’ and ‘CLi’ consultation responses.
Move to All-IP industry working group
The FCS team attends and contributes to industry programme calls.
Members CSP monthly meetings
Megan Corcoran co-ordinates the content of these, to keep members updated on key industry issues.
BR audit
Tim Cull leads for FCS in preparing for audit.
FCS Regulatory Training ‘bite-sized’ on line modules
Steve Kerr and Sharyar Ahmed are working on the delivery of this free benefit for FCS members. Modules 1, 2 & 3 have now been launched and module 4 (contracts) and module 5 (Switching) will be available to members shortly.
Gaining Provider Led Business switching
Megan Corcoran leads and Itret Latif and Steve Kerr are contributing to the industry working group that is working collaboratively to ensure Business switching is delivered compliantly and equivalently.
FCS members’ complex regulatory concerns
Megan Corcoran and Stef Norman continue to liaise directly with the Ofcom regulatory team, to ensure all members’ complex questions are answered fully and correctly.
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