FCS Launches New Online Regulatory Training Modules

The Federation of Communication Services is delighted to launch its new member benefit; On-line Regulatory Training.

This new benefit which is free for members of FCS, provides regulatory training in ‘bite-sized’ modules, clarifying the key Regulation that members need to be aware of and to comply with.

The six modules include:

  1. UK Regulation overview
  2. Ofcom the General Conditions and EECC
  3. Advertising & Promotion and Sales & Sign-up

and coming soon, key modules covering,

4. Contracts and customer acquisition
5. Switching (of Voice and Broadband services) and
6. Sales records and Information publication.

To access the FCS training module, please click on the link provided above. To gain permission to view the training, kindly reach out to the FCS team via the side panel. They will grant you access to the training module.

Each module takes around 15 minutes to complete and, as ever, the FCS team is available to answer any questions about the Regulatory details that you may have after watching the modules.


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