What Members can Expect from FCS in 2023

As 2023 gets in full swing, Steve Kerr, FCS Head of Compliance and Policy, and Megan Corcoran, FCS Head of Industry Liaison share their areas of focus on behalf of members for the year ahead.

One Touch Switching of residential, and Gaining Provider Led Business (GPLB) switching of fixed voice and broadband

FCS will remain fully engaged with industry, OTA2 and Ofcom on both OTS and GPLB switching to ensure that when both are implemented, FCS members are not disadvantaged and can remain competitive with larger providers. To do this, FCS CEO Itret Latif will continue his role of senior engagement and influencing and Megan Corcoran will continue to co-chair the GPLB Steering Group. The FCS will also continue to run our OTS and GPLB members working group calls, aimed at ensuring members are kept fully updated and aware of progress and requirements in these two key switching of provider areas.

FCS members’ regulatory and operational concerns

FCS will continue to provide members with answers to the operational and regulatory issues and concerns they raise with us. Last year, FCS answered over 60 member questions, queries and concerns and following our very positive engagement with the new Ofcom Regulatory & Policy team, we are able to get the answers and action on the issues raised with us that you our members, require. If you have a concern or question in the coming year, please email us on [email protected].

Industry ‘Move to All-IP’

FCS will continue to engage with industry at all levels to ensure that members are fully represented and aware of the IP products and services being made available. We will also keep members updated on the closure of the copper public switched telephone network (PSTN), the Openreach exchange exit programme, the different industry model that will result from the Move to All-IP (with many of our members not having a direct relationship with providers such as Openreach and City Fibre) and the full fibre product options available from ‘Open Access’ providers, all of whom FCS fully supports.

Champions of the smaller provider

Continue to champion the cause for the smaller providers, both residential and business, to ensure that as we go through major industry developments and changes, the smaller provider can compete fairly in an open and equal opportunity market. This means taking up the smaller provider position issues tenaciously with Ofcom and Openreach senior management during our regular face-to-face meetings and continuing to argue the smaller provider cause in industry meetings, which are predominantly attended and influenced by the larger providers.

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