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Policy Documents

A Contribution towards the Impending Ofcom Strategic 5-Year Plan for Spectrum 

The FCS is pleased to provide an early contribution to the Ofcom Strategic Plan for Spectrum. This contribution focusses on the strategic issues that most directly affect the membership of the FCS.

Spectrum for the Olympics

The Business Radio Group responded to Ofcom's consultation on its spectrum plan for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games

Spectrum & Public Safety

Jacqui Brookes presentation to Westminster e-forum seminar on 11 June 2009

Ofcom's business radio licence reforms

The Business Radio Group set out its views on the changes to business radio licensing, the Wireless Telegraphy Register and new licence fees in a letter to Ofcom on 10 July 2008

Value of business radio

The major project for the Business Radio Group in 2007 was to research, report and promote the value of business radio in order to alert regulators and the public of the essential services business radio provides to the UK economy.

The report 'The Importance of Business Radio to the UK' was published in October 2007 and contains 16 case studies drawn from across the UK economy and estimates of economic value. During its development presentations were made to the Ofcom Business Radio Interest Group in March and July 2007

In 2007 the Business Radio Group has also published:

In 2006 The Business Radio Group responded to Ofcom consultations on:

and issued its own report on 'The temperature of the business radio market'