SEAS: setting the benchmark for radio mast site engineering

SEAS: setting the benchmark for radio mast site engineering

Installing, orientating, commissioning and operating a radio antenna is a skilled and precise task. Cut corners on the installation or fail to test correctly on commissioning, and you run the risk of poor performance for your own customers, interference for users with neighbouring equipment, and physical injury or death to other mast site operatives.

Recognising the need to ensure all mast site engineering is carried out to the highest professional standards, the industry maintains FCS1331: 2022 – the Code of Practice for radio mast site engineering.

FCS1331 provides a working reference document for every element of installation procedure. A fact which is independently recognised by Ofcom, the industry regulator: Ofcom both endorse the code and use it as the basis for their own inspection and enforcement teams.

The ability to undertake work in compliance with FCS1331 is therefore a precious commodity. So how does a specifier know an organisation is actually capable of doing so?

SEAS – the FCS Site Engineering Accreditation Scheme — is an industry self-accreditation programme for business radio specialists who have committed to delivering work which complies with the FCS 1331 Code. In making a public declaration of conformity, SEAS members know their work will be under constant scrutiny from other radio industry professionals — and that any engineering shortcomings will be reported to FCS by their commercial competitors.

SEAS reflects the industry’s ongoing desire to train and professionalise all its operatives. So the emphasis is very much upon spreading best practice and encouraging companies to correct instances of poor on-site practice.

Nonetheless, peer pressure to perform ethically is underpinned by the threat of investigation by the FCS Business Radio Council, possible referral to Ofcom, the risk of being ‘named and shamed’ on the FCS website, and perhaps most importantly, the risk of being expelled from the SEAS scheme itself.

Download a copy of the FCS Site Engineering Accreditation Scheme application form here.


The SEAS scheme requires members to sign up to a process of both delivering their own work and monitoring the work of others to FCS1331 standards.

SEAS Application Form

Click here to download a copy of the FCS Site Engineering Accreditation Scheme application form.

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