Championing the Communications Industry

Communications is Britain’s ‘fifth utility’.  Business can’t run without it.  Schools can’t run without it.  Even buses, trains and ferries can’t run without it.  We’re so used to taking it for granted in our every day lives that we can’t even begin to think what life would be like without the ability to talk on the phone, to play games on the mobile or to stream movies over the web.

Now imagine how you’d manage if you were a company director who had built your entire sales proposition around the ability to talk clearly, immediately and without interference or interruption to customers around the globe.

  1. Comms is everywhere.
  2. We have all built our lives around it.
  3. Doing without it would be an inconvenience for us as consumers.  But…
  4. For anyone running a business, doing without it could be a matter of corporate life or death.

Do we really need to point out that if a business dies, its employees all lose their livelihoods?  Seemingly so.  Even today, in this pre-Brexit connectivity-driven policy environment, you can read the papers or listen to the politicians — or even the UK’s national communications regulator — and be forgiven for thinking the only communications issue which matters to UK plc is the ability of its citizens to play on-line poker on the train, text-message their pals during lessons and stream movies to their home TVs.

FCS exists to re-balance those arguments.

FCS represents the vital business-to-business market for voice and data communications.  The dealers, manufacturers, re-sellers and support industries which enable companies to do business with one another in today’s global, digital marketplaces.  Upwards of 3,000 specialist businesses, focused and dedicated to equipping private- and public-sector clients with everything from conventional telephony to international broadband;  from one-to-one communications for small businesses to one-to-many marshalling for rock concerts;  from multi-user set-ups for call centres to resilient mission-critical voice and data for fire, police and ambulance users.

FCS exists to make sure everyone – citizens, consumers, business people, regulators and policy-makers – understands and values the unique contribution ‘comms’ makes to our national life and our international competitiveness.

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