What we stand for


  • Government adoption of appropriate policies driving ICT’s potential to reduce energy consumption in other more energy-intensive sectors through smart grid, smart building systems (lighting, DC power, HVAC, etc.), smart devices (sensors, intelligent electronics, etc.) and travel substitution are keys to create jobs and help UK industry compete successfully in global markets.
  • Promote the role of ICT as clean technology in reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions.
  • Avoid mandated energy efficiency standards that hamper innovation and competition.
  • Allow for private and secure consumer and third-party access to energy usage and pricing data to unlock the potential of the smart grid.
  • Promote technology neutrality in smart grid policy to encourage competition and innovation.
  • Support funding for both R&D and deployment of green ICTs, such as smart grid.
  • Encourage greater adoption of teleworking and videoconferencing to facilitate travel substitution.
  • Educate policy-makers on ICT’s ability to improve energy efficiency through substitution of ICT in place of outdated technologies (e.g., travel substitution).