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FCS is an industry-leading confederation of communications businesses, who have banded together to create a common voice to represent the views of comms professionals to government and regulators.

FCS provides a unique network in which members’ experiences from right across the business-to-business communications world can be pooled and exchanged to create best-practice approaches.  This all-industry, technology-agnostic heritage means FCS is uniquely equipped to be the centre of thought leadership as technologies and markets converge and develop.

By Members, For Members

The day to day running of the Federation and the delivery of policy objectives is in the hands of a small and dedicated team managed by the Chief Executive Officer who reports to the FCS Board. The Board is made up of non-executive directors drawn from within the membership. FCS’ approach to ethics and governance complies with the Trade Association Forum’s code of practice for trade bodies. All FCS policy work, member services and strategic direction is driven by member companies, participating in the various FCS industry groups. Overall corporate direction and financial governance are overseen by the Board.

FCS’ all-industry overview is underpinned by in-depth specialist knowledge and experience of the technologies themselves. Voice and data over mobile, fixed line or broadband infrastructure is overseen by Steve Kerr, FCS’ head of regulatory compliance & Megan Corcoran, FCS’ head of industry liaison. Business radio and environmental issues fall to Tim Cull, FCS’ head of business radio. And Jason McComb, himself a practicing vehicle installer, oversees FCS’ work around the FCS1362 standard for the installation of radio-frequency equipment into vehicles.

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Latest News

The Revision of UK CODE OF PRACTICE for the installation of mobile radio and related ancillary equipment in land based vehicles FCS1362: 2016

For the attention of Vehicle Installer and Conversion Companies, The current version of FCS 1362 has been in effect...

FCS Board Meeting with Openreach

FCS board met last week with Openreach CEO Clive Selley and Managing Director Katie Millgan. It was a very good...