Strengthen Global Competitiveness

Market Based Regulations – A continued light-touch approach to regulations must recognize the special needs of business-to-business suppliers as well as safeguarding the ‘citizen consumer’ from unfair trading practices.  FCS REGULATORY POSITION 

Global Cybersecurity – Global approaches to cybersecurity and critical infrastructure protection are necessary to avoid policies that could negatively impact investment in innovation, market access, interoperability, and global security.  UK and EU policy-making must recognize the international nature of the market and avoid imposing solutions which would make UK businesses uncompetitive.  FCS CYBERSECURITY POSITION

Green ICT & Smart Grid – Appropriate policies driving ICT’s potential to reduce energy consumption in other more energy-intensive sectors through smart grid, smart buildings and travel substitution will create jobs and help UK industry compete successfully in global markets. FCS GREEN ICT POSITION

Accessibility – By encouraging collaboration among stakeholders and the usage of voluntary consensus based standards the UK Government can increase the accessibility of technology by those with disabilities, encourage innovation and in doing so open up new employment opportunities for this vulnerable community.  FCS ACCESSIBILITY POSITION

Public Safety Communications – Improved access to advanced, interoperable communications tools for first responders and other public officials is vital to the public safety mission. This includes utilities, port and transport operators and other critical national infrastructure applications.   FCS PUBLIC SAFETY POSITION

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