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‘Preparing for the All-IP Future’

FCS Comms Provider 2021 – Event Presentations
FCS Comms Provider 2021 – Event Recording

25th November 2021, 1.00pm – 4.00pmVirtual Conference

This year’s FCS Comms Provider is a ‘must attend’ event for our CP members who wish to understand more as they consider key aspects of the industry move towards an All-IP world and the impact on their own business model. The opportunity for members to hear from top-level speakers, providing real ‘big picture’ perspectives, is unique amongst trade bodies in the industry.Our agenda is structured into the three sessions detailed below.
Regulatory Environment in the All IP WorldThe first section of our FCS Comms Provider event focuses on the Regulation and Legal environment in the new All-IP world.There are many changes for Communication Providers such as the new EECC regulatory requirements, which include major changes to Fixed Voice and Broadband switching. There are still many unanswered questions, such as what will happen in the business market with regards to switching, now that Ofcom have announced the switching regulation change is for residential consumers only. This will still impact the business market, and resellers will need to understand those impacts. We will have speakers from Ofcom and the OTA discussing some of the key new regulations in this section of the event agenda.
We also have a new Telecoms Security Bill going through parliament,  which will impact our members and we have Will Jones from the DCMS discussing the bill and Danny Preiskel from Prieskels & Co to talk about the Legal impacts on our members.
Confirmed speakers:• Brian Potterill and Elisa Pruvost, Ofcom  • William Jones, DCMS• David Halliday, OTA2  • Danny Preiskel, Preiskel & Co
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All IP Building BlocksThe second section of our event agenda focusses on the infrastructure building blocks CPs will need to move to All-IP. We have presentations from Openreach, BT Enterprise, Gamma and DWS. This section will focus on what these operators are offering and what challenges they envisage in the move to all IP.
Confirmed speakers:• James Lilley, Openreach  • Steve Blackshaw, BT Wholesale  • Lee Turner, Gamma• Alex Mawson, DWS  • Matt Walker, City Fibre
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The All IP FutureThe final section of our event agenda explores a strategic view of the future of the All-IP world and key aspects that members need to consider.
We will examine our FCS All-IP ‘White Paper’ and discuss the different ideas around numbering/porting and switching, together with the key governance requirements. We have strategic presentations from OTA2, VX Fiber and Cartesian as well as FCS leads.
Confirmed speakers:• Richard Watts, VX Fiber  • Dave Dadds and Martyn King, FCS  • Michael Dargue, Cartesian
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Session 1: Regulatory Environment in the All IP World

Brian Potterill, Director of Mobile Network Strategy, Ofcom
Brian Potterill is Director of Mobile Network Strategy at Ofcom. During his time at Ofcom he has been responsible for Ofcom’s policy on copper retirement (as part of the wider WFTMR) and for the Wholesale Voice Market Review, both of which play an important role in shaping conditions for the move to All-IP.

William Jones, Policy Advisor, DCMS
William works in the telecoms security policy team within DCMS, focussing on the development of the new telecoms security framework, as introduced by the recent Telecoms Security Bill. Prior to DCMS he spent time working as an economist at HMT and also had a stint creating, and running, a start-up business.

David Halliday, Office of Telecommunications Adjudicator, OTA2David was appointed by Ofcom as the Office of Telecommunications Adjudicator in April, having been part of the OTA2 since 2009. Most recently David has led the OTA2 team to tackle the challenges of PIA introduction, All-IP (including proposed PSTN closure & Fibre rollout), EECC Switching Options,  Ethernet transformation and a number of best practice guides for industry. Previously David held a number of senior management positions and directorships in telecoms and IT companies both nationally and internationally

Danny Preiskel, Senior Partner, Preiskel & CoDaniel is a co-founder of Preiskel & Co and has well over 20 years’ experience working in the telecoms, media and technology sectors, advising across the globe. He was recently ranked as one of only 7 Telecoms Global Thought Leaders by WhosWholegal who also ranked him as a Data Thought Leader.
He is particularly recognised for his international commercial and regulatory work in the telecoms sector as a whole.  Daniel leads an international team providing telecoms regulatory, commercial and corporate advice to telecoms clients across the globe. Preiskel & Co have recently been awarded Communications Law Firm of the Year 2021, England at the The Lawyer Awards 2021.

Session 2: All IP Building Blocks

James Lilley, Director, Managed Customer Migrations, Openreach
James leads for Openreach on the migration of over 14m lines from copper to All IP. He has over 15 years’ experience working closely with Communication Provider customers across both Openreach and the wider BT Group.

Steve Blackshaw, All IP Programme Manager, BT Wholesale
Steve Blackshaw manages the All IP Engagement Programme for BT Wholesale, shaping, selling and delivering their most complex IP services across the enterprise market to drive legacy migrations. Formerly a Director of Services & Consulting Portfolio with Nokia and previously a consultant for Alcatel-Lucent and Fujitsu, with over 25 years services experience, and 18 years related directly to the telecoms sector.
Steve has a wide experience gained within UK, European and Global Multinational customers, having helped major telecoms companies transform to IP networks. Steve has structured and delivered on the largest IP Transformation programmes across the world, and brings a unique global perspective in moving to Digital Britain.

Lee Turner, Head of Industry Engagement & Regulatory Affairs, Gamma

Alex Mawson, Product Director, Connectivity & Voice Portfolios, DWS
Alex Mawson is the Product Director for the Connectivity and Voice Portfolios at Digital Wholesale Solutions. With over 20 years’ experience in the telecoms industry, Alex with the assistance of dedicated teams at DWS have been actively involved with industry in the PSTN Switch off programme and the transition to ALL IP. By working closely with their partner community and with their extensive experience in delivering b2b services and solutions, DWS are now taking their partners and customers on the transition to ALL IP.

Matt Walker, Director of Customer Delivery and Assurance, City Fibre
Matthew is an experienced operational leader and innovator with over 24 years’ experience in the Telecoms sector. As CityFibre’s Director of Customer Delivery and Assurance he leads a team responsible for the company’s end-to-end customer connection experience. In this role Matthew is passionate about how data, insight and people excellence can be combined to achieve ever-improving service outcomes.

Session 3: The All IP Future

Richard Watts, UK Country Manager, VXFiber
Richard is the UK Country Manager of the Swedish owned Fibre Investor / Operator, VXFiber. By bringing VX to the UK, Richard aims to break the traditions of the Telecoms industry through a model of Gigabit Full Fibre offering services via a fully automated Open Access neutral host platform. This allows subscribers to order multiple services from various providers all from the same online platform. VX Fiber launched into the UK in 2018 with Networks in central London, Stoke-on-Trent but are now in a further 6 locations across the UK. As a global business, VX Fiber has over 230,000 active users in South Africa, Germany, Austria, Belgium and the Far East.

Dave Dadds, CEO, DRD Communications Ltd, Chair of FCS
As CEO of what was originally a Telecoms Reseller business and today 35 years later is a B2B Cloud Applications and enablement business and Chair of the FCS, Dave has experience and insight in to both the commercial and regulatory environments we operate in today both within the UK and International markets
A happily married man, with children spanning 30+ years Dave is as busy today as ever with work and play (Golf)!

Martyn King, Managing Director, Nexbridge Communications Ltd
Martyn is an experienced senior operations professional with almost 40 years of telecommunications experience, including an extensive background in VoIP and PSTN telephone switching, transmission, network management and submarine cable systems. He has held director positions in a number of UK ICT companies, and has implemented business wide VoIP strategies for leading telecommunications businesses.

Michael Dargue, Vice President, Cartesian
Michael Dargue is Vice President at Cartesian, a business and technology consulting firm working exclusively in the communications sector. He leads Cartesian’s strategy team in Europe and advises clients on market opportunities, network investment and go-to-market planning. Prior to joining Cartesian, Michael led Colt’s European network architecture team. Outside of work, he likes to spend time in the mountains and he’s a keen ultra-runner.

The event will run from 1pm – 4pm  |  This event is FREE to attend

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