Openreach – WLR Withdrawal in Salisbury and Mildenhall

Openreach have sent out requests for a simple view of how CPs in trial areas expect their Salisbury base to behave up to the point of WLR withdrawal in April 2023.

It’s really important that CPs respond and submit a forecast so Openreach know that CPs are engaged and planning for WLR withdrawal in the trial areas. Even where the CP has a very small number of lines.

This gives CPs the opportunity to describe how the migration will be managed and think about issues that may arise, for example where there is no FTTP in Salisbury.

Where Openreach do not hear from CPs, they are exploring ways to contact end customers directly to ensure that the end customer knows they need to upgrade to All IP which could cause unnecessary switching.

Openreach are attending our CSP tomorrow at 2pm, to explain this and give an update on the trial sites.

Should you wish to join the call tomorrow, please email [email protected]

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