Telecomms Security Bill Update

FCS have attended a meeting with DCMS and industry regarding the Telecomms Security Bill.

The bill is now at the report stage in the House of Lords. The report stage gives all members of the Lords a further opportunity to examine and make amendments to the bill. After the report stage, the bill is reprinted to include all the agreed amendments. The bill then moves to the third reading – a further chance for the Lords to discuss and amend the Bill as it nears conclusion.

The 3rd reading is confirmed for 26th Oct. So far there are three amendments.

After the third reading the bill will need consideration of the amendments and then Royal Ascent. It is not known exactly when that will be as it is dependent on how long the Bill will be with the House of Lords.

Drafting of the statuary Instrument and Code of Practice is in progress. DCMS have received good feedback and will continue to engage.

A final Statutory Instrument will be laid in Parliament once the Bill receives Royal Ascent

Consultation of the draft code of practice to be launched after the Bill has received Royal Ascent. The information on the tiers will be in the detail of the consultation.

FCS are engaging with DCMS and Ofcom and will update our members when there is more news. Should any members wish to send in feedback or have any questions please email [email protected].

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